Relational IO

The disparate data company.

Universal data access

Publish any data source. Relational IO can connect to traditional databases, document repositories, web services, key-value stores, data feeds or any other structured data source.

Consume data sources the way you want. Relational IO delivers data using SQL or JSON via REST endpoints.

Federated data management

Consolidate and unify your corporate data. Deploy the Relational IO Foundation Service in your organisation to centralise all data access, permissions and auditing.

Deliver data in a unified format to keep your developers happy. Provide full visibility to Business Intelligence tools. Easily connect to external data sources via the Relational IO Marketplace.

Relate disparate data

Query disparate data, join across any dataset, all within your own private workspace.

Perform extended analysis with procedural SQL, R and Python.

Relational IO connects you to:

  • PostgreSQL,
  • MySQL,
  • Oracle,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Microsoft Access,
  • DB2 / Informix,
  • MongoDB,
  • Sybase,
  • CSV files,
  • SOAP endpoints,
  • REST APIs,
  • POP/IMAP; and
  • Web APIs (Twitter, Google Search)

Relational IO provides an API for writing your own data connectors